Friday, September 27, 2013

The Fate of Sugar: or, my attempt to dramatically title a pretty short post.

Hey there cats and kittens!

So you may have noticed that Sugar Sundays have been absent lately.

Well, one of you noticed. One of you noticed and SENT AN EMAIL ASKING ABOUT IT. I died. Because someone actually reads my completely unedited rambly writing and cares enough to notice and ASK. I DIED!

(^^^ In case you ever didn't know how ridiculously authors react to attention.)

So here's what's happening- as we've started to get more notice from readers, we got really excited. Then Sophia Bleu made her big reveal- that she's actually Gennifer Albin, YA author. And Tamara Mataya started to flirt with the idea of self-pubbing her phenomenally hot book The Best Laid Plans, with the support of her (Christian) agency. (She made that decision, btw, add that shit on GR already!)

So as a group, we decided that although myself, Sierra Simone, and obviously Laurelin Paige do love to write the sexies, some of what we are posting borders on erotica, which really doesn't represent NA the way we'd like to as a blog. We also want to be sensitive to what our agented authors present to the world.

 As several of us have blogged about on our personal pages, we want to be at the forefront of promoting NA as a broad category- NOT just a subset of contemporary romance. Although, duh, we loves us some contemp NA romance. We just want to back off of the harder-edge in the blog and use it to promote New Adult in all its amazing, funny, awkward, exciting forms- not just sex.

So long story short, check out Sierra Simone's blog for current Jane Eyre erotic fanfic, and check out mine for the relaunch of Sugar Sundays, starting the 29th. We aren't changing what we write. We're just going to change the channel you view it on.



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