Monday, September 23, 2013

NAked with Aurelia B. Rowl

Today, we're getting NAked with Aurelia B. Rowl 

Who are you and what should we know about you in 50 words or less?
I’m an avid reader turned writer, and I write as Aurelia B. Rowl, which is an anagram of my real name. My writing style is very ‘British’ and I still consider myself a novice, and I fit writing around caring for my two young(ish) children and mad mutt.

Which one: chocolate or bacon?
Easy peasy... having been vegetarian for over twenty years, it’s chocolate every time for me.

What is the name of your book and what is it about in 50 words or less?
Popping the Cherry is a Young Adult/New Adult coming of age story told through the eyes of Valentina ‘Lena’ Bell’ as she walks a tight rope between bowing to peer pressure, staying true to her heart, and holding out for the right guy.

Tell us your main character's name and 3 adjectives that describe him/her.
There are several ‘major’ characters in Popping the Cherry, but the three mains are:

Lena, who is: tenacious, strong, and courageous
Gemma, who is: flirtatious, well-intentioned, and attention-seeking and Jake, who is: hard-working, responsible, and irresistible

Who is your current book boyfriend?
If you’d asked me a week ago, it would have been Jake – one hundred per cent – but since then, I have been immersed in book two, so I have a significant soft spot for Zac. I don’t suppose I can have them both?

Aurelia B. Rowl lives on the edge of the Peak District with her very understanding husband, their two fantastic children, and their mad rescue mutt who doesn’t mind being used as a sounding post and source of inspiration. She regularly wows them all with her curious, hastily thrown together meals when she gets too caught up with her latest writing project... or five!... and she has developed the fine art of ignoring the housework.

Aurelia writes Young Adult/New Adult crossover fiction and contemporary romance. She is currently busy writing the standalone companion novels to both Popping the Cherry and Christmas is Cancelled.

To find out more about Aurelia, you can visit her website:

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