Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sexy Snuggles

It's snowing and icing and basically being as frigid as possible here in the Midwest, which I've made a point of complaining about as often as humanly possible, but then I thought, what are the good things about being in the middle of winter?  

And then it came to me: sexy snuggles.  

Which inspired me to think about all the other sexy parts of winter:

Sexiest Parts of Winter

  • Sexy snuggles.
  • Thigh high socks
  • A little bit of, um, friendly exploration under the throw blanket while watching television
  • The fire crackling in the background
  • Reading a sexy book under the covers
  • Long hot baths...alone and with a friend
  • Whiskey and Scotch to warm the blood
  • Making out by the light of the Christmas tree
  • Love Actually on all the time
  • Peppermint ice cream
But to every light side, there must be a dark.  And winter is very dark:

Least Sext Parts of Winter:
  • Chapped hands
  • The never-ending runny nose
  • Bulky coats that make noise when you move
  • Cold, wet socks
  • Muddy, snowy footprints all over the floor
  • Egg nog (I'm saying it's not delicious, just that it's not sexy.)
  • Scraping ice off your car
  • Dirty snow at the edge of the road
On that note, stay warm and sexy everyone!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Spoilery Motherfuckers!

If we're friends, chances are you'll have heard me call you this if you've let a spoiler slip. I'm like River Song with a trucker mouth. And I'm SUPER sensitive about this with books. So. Writers.

A blurb is NOT a synopsis.

A synopsis tells us what happens.

A blurb should give us enough information to make us WANT TO KNOW what happens.

It's the difference between running into the bedroom naked, or showing up in sexy lingerie, making them desperate to see what's underneath it.

Naked's hot. But there's no mystery. If I already KNOW what's beneath the (book OR bed) sheets, you're being a SPOILERY MOTHERFUCKER!

This goes for readers - and reviewers - too. DON'T go through the plot and summarize it in your own words, and give away the ending. Don't waste words on summing up the book - it likely has a blurb in the review, or at the top of the page for the reader to see if they are interested. It IS possible to review things without giving the plot away! I promise! THINGS CANNOT BE UNSEEN. Way to kill the mystery.

I started reading a series that had a metric SHIT TON of books in it. I had read over ten books. A patron came into the library and had gotten the newest one - she was about 4 books ahead of me as I'd only started a few months before, and had a lot of catching up to do. She was like, 'Have you read it yet?' I was like, 'No! So PLEASE no spoilers!' She smiled and replied, 'No spoilers. She's still working at _____. Still hasn't chosen between the two love interests.'

If you do this, I hate to break it to you, but 1. THAT IS A SPOILER! and 2. YOU ARE A SPOILERY MOTHERFUCKER!

You can be a spoilery motherfucker just by asking an ill thought out question. You notice someone watching tv, or reading a book. 'Oh, have they found out he's the father yet?'



I realize I sound OCD about this, but I am HYPERSENSITIVE to spoilers. If I know I'm going to read a book, I won't even read the blurb on the back, because all too often they give too much away and I can figure things out. I also won't watch previews to movies I know I'm going to see. Same reason. The previews used to entice. Now they give it all away.

Leave a little mystery. Make me work for it. Don't thrust your things in my face, all out there and revealed. I want to discover the inner workings for myself.

Spoilery Motherfuckers not only ruin it for their friends, but they ruin it for themselves. Because we hate them.

Only you can prevent Spoilery Motherfuckery. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Coming Out of the Smut Closet

I've been thinking a lot lately about this weird area romance/erotica writers occupy. I mean, it isn't exactly a surprise to my mom that at age 30, I know about sex. Or that I've had it. I think she would be far more concerned if I hadn't by now. I must assume most of our parents, siblings, co-workers, and friends feel the same.

But then, if you tell any of them you WRITE about this stuff, you get judgey-face. Wtf, for reals, guys. We are all allowed to do it, and thanks to shows like Sex and the City, we are allowed to freely discuss it, but when we write descriptions of two fake people doing the same deed, we get embarrassed and nervous.

I read an erotica book just last week and really enjoyed it, which led me to the author's blog. One post said something like "I always thought I would write something incredible, but turns out I just wrote sex." WHY. WHY do we feel like we have to apologize for this?

When Nicholas Sparks makes people cry, when Bill Bryson makes people laugh, when Chuck Palaniuk makes people cringe... Do you think they say sorry for causing Feels in their readers? So why the hell are we?

Welp, the only people who can change this is us. So here's my tiny contribution. I'm not Lucy Stark. Lucy Stark is dead. My name is Kayti McGee, and I write smut.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Unwrapped Cover Reveal (we love revealing ourselves)

A New Adult Romance
Six different novellas
by the NAturals

Laurelin Paige, Gennifer Albin, Melanie Harlow, 
Sierra Simone, Kayti McGee Downey, and Tamara Mataya

Release: December 23, 2013

Cover designed by Tom Barnes Design

Six romance authors present six very different novellas in this anthology of new stories: Ménage a tango lessons. A bride DYING to say, 'I don't.' A horny college boy at a purity rally. Time-traveling graduate students meet Victorian playboys. A rugby player who's as dirty off the field as on. And kissing under the mistletoe with a Scottish exchange student. Something for everyone, the NAturals present sweet, funny, and erotic tales of new adults meant to be Unwrapped all year long and not just at Christmas.  photo goodreads-badge-add-38px11_zps1ae6e47f.jpg   About the Authors Laurelin Paige, Gennifer Albin, Melanie Harlow, Sierra Simone, Kayti McGee Downey, and Tamara Mataya are the six authors who blog for TheNaturalAuthors.blogspot.com. They each write romance and adore pushing the boundaries of the genre. Above all, they love reading smut, looking at pictures of hot men, and making up names for the band they’re always talking about forming. Blog | Facebook | Twitter  
 photo AToMRToursC66a-A00aT03a-Z_mdm_zpsa3cc6896.jpg
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Best Laid Plans AKA Self Publishing: You're doing it wrong!

Many of you who follow my twitter, or know me, may have known I was planning on self pubbing my manuscript, The Best Laid Plans, a sexy contemporary romance. I had a few manuscripts on submission, and had a bit of a life changing experience with the flash flood in June. I decided to take the bull by the horns and self publish. I wanted to have a book Out There where people could read it!

So, it might come as something of a surprise that I signed a 3 book deal with Swoon Romance for that book! Heres the cover, done by the fabulous Genn Albin! <3

Self Publishing: I'm doing it wrong!

The thing is, if my Editor's vision for the book hadn't matched mine - if she'd wanted to make the book into something it wasn't - then I'd have turned down the deal. At the end of the day, it's about what's right for YOU and for the BOOK.

And you can enter to win a print copy!
Goodreads Giveaway!

I'm SO happy right now! Today is the official release day, but it came out a couple days ago.

The Best Laid Plans on Amazon

Barnes and Noble


Thanks for reading! <3

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

SPEAK LOW by Melanie Harlow. Good God, it's finally here!

If you read SPEAK EASY by our very own Melanie Harlow, then you've probably been dying for the hotness that are Tiny, Enzo and Joey to continue. If you haven't read it yet, you'll want to. As soon as is humanely possible because the sequel, SPEAK LOW, is here!!

Here's the blurb:

July, 1923

After bootlegging enough whiskey to free her father from the DiFiore crime family, twenty-year old Tiny O'Mara is determined to leave home and take control of her own life.

But it’s going to cost her.

Her alliance with sultry Enzo DiFiore is based more on their intense physical attraction than any loyalty or trust. When he offers her an apartment and nights spent together where anything goes in exchange for some information, she's tempted beyond measure.

But taking Enzo's side means betraying gorgeous childhood pal Joey Lupo, the only man she trusts. And even though they spend most of their time at each other's throats, the heat simmering between them is becoming too hard to ignore--then one night, it boils over.

And won't stop.

As Enzo’s greed and deception escalate and her feelings for Joey deepen, Tiny realizes her mistakes. She just hopes she gets the chance to fix them before it’s too late.

To make it super easy, SPEAK EASY is on sale through the month of November for 0.99.  Hot gangsta's, people. Hot gangstas.'

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Alpha This, Alpha That

Alpha males are an indispensable part of romance, and they have been since Edward Rochester locked his wife in the attic and decided to seduce a nineteen year old (spoiler alert.)  And I've read a lot of great Alphas lately, which has led me to wonder about the appeal.

What do we readers (and writers) like so much about this archetype that we keep coming back to it over and over?  Is it the freedom that having a dominant lover brings?  Freedom from choice?  The freedom of knowing you'll be taken care of emotionally and sexually?  Is it something instinctual within women?  Something engineered in us from back when having an alpha mate was necessary to our (and our host of cave-babies') survival?

I think these are unanswerable questions because the answers will be different for every woman.  Some women might find the physical attributes of the Alpha the best while others might crave that emotional dominance.  And some women might find the idea of the Alpha altogether repulsive--after all, we aren't living in caves any more and more women than ever are the heads of their households and relish the role.  I'm somewhere in between.  I am the breadwinner and I wouldn't trade my marriage with its foundation of mutual respect and equality (both in the bed and out) for anything.  BUT, the Alpha presents a fantasy for me.  A fantasy of being swept off my feet, of having everything taken care of so that I'm free to love and pleasure as much as I can.  An escape, a vacation from reality.

What about you?  Why do (or don't) you like the Alpha in romance?
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