Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Adult - it's not necessarily what you think.

We bang on (pun intended) about how the New Adult category is NOT just Young Adult with graphic sex.

If you still think it is, Read this post. It's too long to go into here.

Read it? Good. Didn't read it? Whatevs. Because THAT is NOT the point of this post.

Ambling around Twitter, I've been more than a little disconcerted to see, yet again, more posts about what NA IS.

Posts such as, 'NA is just YA contemp but with 19-year-olds instead.'

'NA is contemporary romance, but with girls at college instead of high school.'

Okay. Some - even a LOT of NA is that. But if you think that is ALL NA is, you are missing out. Because there's a whole lot more out there.

NA is a CATEGORY. Sure, it's new. Sure it's still finding its feet, and people (narrow minded 'I didn't foresee this as being a real thing, so I'ma cling to the belief that it ISN'T A THING' people) still insist it's a fad.

I think it's already been proven that it IS a "thing." And it's here to stay.

But now the question remains - what IS is? IS it just contemporary romance?


Our very own Melanie has written a freaking GORGEOUS Historical romance that changed my mind about a genre.

I have friends who have written NA SCI-FI!

I myself have written a NA Urban Fantasy, and have plans for a NA Action/ Adventure with a MALE MC.

 NA is still really new! But like any emerging category *cough* YA wasn't even a thing that long ago and everyone said it wasn't necessary and was just a fad and blah blah doesn't THAT sound familiar? *cough* it takes time to flesh out.

As more people accept that hey, people really do want to read about this age group's experiences, the genres will expand within the category to be even more inclusive. Sci-fi, Fantasy, Mystery, Thrillers, Historical, Adventure! ALL THE GENRES!

But it's still being debated by SOME people *rolls eyes* as not even being a thing. Some people's perceptions are very limited as to what it is. But that does NOT mean that there aren't INCREDIBLY talented people out there writing (NON CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE) NEW ADULT, and doing it WELL.

Melanie Harlow. Looking at YOU, kid. ;)

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