Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Something exciting is going down, and we can't wait another minute to share it with you. The NAturals hosts have come together to create a sexy, fun novella anthology called UNWRAPPED, just in time for the holidays.

What's it all about? Gennifer Albin, Tamara Mataya, Laurelin Paige, Melanie Harlow, Kayti Downey and Sierra Simone are six very different (and amazing!) authors, sharing six equally different (and hot!) stories with you.

Because of the amazing interst you all had in The Boy Next Door story earlier this fall, we decided to bring you more. And by more, we mean MORE.

UNWRAPPED debutes on December 23, 2013. What's that? You want a little taste of what's to come. Do you really think we'd leave you without a treat?

Here's an excerpt from CHERRY POPPER, by Laurelin Paige, available in the UNWRAPPED anthology.

~~~                         ~~~                           ~~~                              ~~~                            ~~~

Chase Matthews was in goddammed heaven.

When he’d agreed to tag along with his buddy Jake to the dinky little bar forty-five minutes outside of their college town, he’d thought they’d have a good time—shoot some pool, flirt with some chicks, use their fake IDs to get a couple beers.

He hadn’t expected to be crashed against the wall of the back storage room with the legs of the sweetest little blonde in the place wrapped around his waist.

The instant he’d locked eyes with her, he felt the mutual attraction. It had only taken thirty minutes of flirting before she’d made it over to their table. She was alone, which was the universal signal for I’m looking for someone to mack with. At least it had been where Chase grew up. He wasn’t taking it as a given. Colorado was new territory. Nothing like the California town he’d come from.

For half a second, Chase worried Jake would try to pick her up instead. But then God intervened—or some divine power that Chase had yet to identify—and another smokin’ chick took Jake away to some dark corner.

And now here was Chase with Kira Larson’s legs wrapped around his waist and her lips locked on his.
Man, she tasted good. There was a faint taste of Amaretto Sour, but mostly she tasted of the cherry flavor lip gloss she’d applied and reapplied throughout the evening. Even without the gloss, he suspected she’d taste good. How could she not? He hadn’t been with enough women to not appreciate anyone who wanted to bruise mouths with him.

The things she did with her tongue… Every time she flicked it across the tip of his, his dick throbbed as he imagined it flicking across his crown. And the sexy little sounds she made in the back of her throat made his jeans even tighter. God, she was an angel.

He pressed her against the wall, relieving some of the weight from his arms so his hand could explore other parts of her body. The new position angled their groins more perfectly. It was both amazing and amazingly uncomfortable all at once.

Trying to ignore the ache in his pants, Chase distracted himself by concentrating on Kira’s breasts. He didn’t want to go too far and piss her off, but if he could just hold one of the perfect little mounds in his palm, he knew it would be worth it. He swept his hand down the side of her torso, then up again, this time a little closer to the object of his desire. Finally, on the third pass, he couldn’t take it anymore. His hand circled around her perky tit and squeezed.

Instead of the protest he’d half-expected, she moaned. Moaned and he was nearly exploding. That was all the invitation he needed. Within seconds his hand had made its way under her t-shirt and slipped under the cup of her bra. Had he thought he’d made it to heaven before? Well, he was wrong. Because this was definitely heaven. Soaring on the wind, floating on air heaven.

Then she said the magic words—the words every guy wants to hear when his dick is painfully hard and his hand is wrapped around her tit—“I have a condom.”

Sweet Jesus, he was going to get laid.

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