Monday, July 1, 2013

Why is Canada So Sexy?

Is it the bacon? The snuggle weather? The maple syrup? The accent?

Well, since it's Canada Day, I thought I'd explore the crazy sexiness of Canada by interviewing one of its most luscious inhabitants: our own gorgeous Tamara Mataya.

Many of you might know her as Feaky Snucker. And you might even know that she's a kickass writer repped by Marisa Cleveland or that the poor dear is currently homeless and jobless because a flood wiped out her entire town, including the library where she worked. 

But let's get to the important stuff.

1) Feaky, why is sex hotter in Canada?

Because I'M here. *smacks own ass*

Good point. OK, the rest of the world might not realize how hot Canadians really are, but...
Born in Ontario
Born in British Columbia
2) So Choose two Canadians to be stuck in the hot tub with. (I call the Ryans. I'm not sharing. Well, maybe with you.)

Ooo! The two firemen who gave up their places on the forklift for my colleagues and I when rescuing us from the flood last Thursday. They could probably use a nice hot soak. I wouldn't even peek! Probably. Lies.

(She'd peek. I know her.)

3) Now concentrate. What is your favourite sexual position and why? (See, I made it Canadian by adding an extra letter to a word!)

Oh, Melanie. More 'u' is always delightful ;) The Sneaky Tractor.

(I will not tell you all how much time I spent googling the Sneaky Tractor. It is embarrassing.)

4) What is your favourite sexy book and why?

Any of the NAturals' books! But for non-biased, I'd say Karen Marie Moning's Fever series was hot as hell, but it also had plot. It's Urban Fantasy, and so far all books have held up in the series. No Second Book Syndrome. :)

I also loved Anais Nin's Diaries. Because they were REAL. It's hot that her fiction is remembered, but it's her LIFE that people really responded to. I know there was some tweaking, but you know what I mean.

5) What do you want people to know about Canada today?

Canada is sexy. No, really. We have more sex, and more adventurous sex than Americans, but with fewer teenage pregnancies and STD's. And that's hot.

Yes. Maybe even hotter than bacon.

Thank you, Tamara, for enlightening us on Canada Day! We are all thinking of you and hope you're able to get back in your home soon!

You can support Tamara by donating to Funds for Feaky in the sidebar. Being homeless, she can use all the kindness she can get. :)


  1. Well, damn. I Googled it and found nothing. I guess I'll never know! *pouts*

    As Tamara would say, "I guess I can't have nice things."


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