Monday, July 1, 2013

sugar sundays- part 2

Happy Sunday, loves! I apologize for the brevity of this weekend's Sugar. Also for the lateness. My silly day job had me all tied up. I promise MOAR words next week, and also sexytimes.

If you missed the first installment, you can catch up here:




            Theresa was less than pleased. A client was paying her good money to revamp his website, but she found herself unable to concentrate. Each time she tried to think about graphics, she found her thoughts running towards the graphic. It had been a pleasant surprise to discover Sugar was not, in fact, a miscreant boyfriend. He was the brother the cake was intended for.

            He may have even had a name, but Theresa was not paying attention to anything beside the dimples.

            Except perhaps his arms. With biceps like those, what might his stomach look like? Or… further south? She slammed her laptop shut. This was a job for her vibrator. The graphics were not getting done today.

            Five embarrassingly short minutes later, the laptop was open again. Fonts. Something clean and classic, she thought. Like the font on Sugar’s t-shirt. It had stretched enticingly over his frame on the worn cotton. She could tell just how it would feel by looking at it. Warm, soft, a contrast to the cool skin beneath.

            Her hands would travel slowly beneath the hem, and over the ripples of abdominal muscle. As they moved upward, so would the shirt. She’d pull it off of him the rest of the way. She would only have a moment to gaze at his hard body before he’d pick her up with those wicked arms and ravage her against the wall of his sister’s house.

            The fonts were not getting done today.

            Theresa considered her options. She could take a cold shower. She could pull the vibrator out again. Perhaps a run, she thought. Surely just putting pants on would be a good start.

            Five impressively quick moments later, she was in workout gear and out the front door. As usual, running calmed Theresa down almost immediately. She settled into her rhythm. One foot after the other. A cool breeze blowing pleasantly across her sheen of perspiration. Another jogger on the sidewalk in front of her.

            A jogger with a gorgeously sculpted back. And really cool hair. Sugar. Sugar was jogging just in front of her. Theresa was no longer so calm. She sped up and passed him without glancing over. She was very impressed with herself.

            “Wait up!”

            She whipped her head back towards his voice. He put on a burst of speed and caught up to her.

            “You left so fast the other day. I was going to give you my number,” he said. Suddenly, Theresa’s breathlessness was no longer from her run.

            “I don’t have my phone on me,” she managed. He grinned at her, all dimples and mischief.

            “I was hoping I’d run into you soon, so I just wrote it down.” He slowed to a walk, reaching into his pocket to grab a folded piece of paper. She slowed long enough to grab it from his (rather large, she noted) hand before resuming her run, leaving Sugar behind. Yes, Theresa was feeling very impressed with herself.

            Which was why she didn’t feel bad when the vibrator made a second, and then third appearance at home later.  

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  1. Ha ha! Love it. The graphics and the graphic - awesome. Lots of awesome!


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