Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Introducing Myself

First of all, let me say how excited I am to be here!  I am super honored to be asked to contribute with all these lovely ladies and honored to be part of the fun, sexy New Adult community at large.

So who am I?  By day, I'm a librarian--a public librarian--which means I'm as familiar with shooing drunk people out of the bathroom as I am with the latest bestsellers.  I'm married to a cop-husband and I had two of his cop-babies, who are adorable when they're not destroying our cop-house.

By night, I'm a young adult author, and I can usually be found at Starbucks after dark, gnawing on the edge of my coffee cup, trying not panic over my latest round of edits.

But by late night, I'm an avid romance fan.  It started last year when Laurelin Paige asked me if I'd CP a new manuscript of hers.  "It's kind of steamy," she warned me.  Well, I'd never read anything steamy before (unless neanderthal sex in Clan of the Cave Bear counts,) but I was happy to give it a whirl.  And, boy, I'm glad I did.  Take Two was more than steamy--it was captivating.  And I gobbled it right up.  Next came Laurelin's now-famous book, Fixed on You, and then Sophia Bleu's Catching Liam and then I was hooked on romance for good.  Once I fell in love with reading it, I decided to write it too!

Currently, I'm serializing a New Adult story on my blog.  It's about cops and London and spies and there will be kisses in the rain, I promise.  I'm also writing sexy fanfic of my favorite classics, starting with Jane Eyre. 

I can't wait to see more of you all!  *kiss*

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