Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Under the Cover: Undescribable

This post introduces a feature of ours called UNDER THE COVER.

What is Under the Cover, you ask? It's where we show you an exclusive excerpt from Under the Cover of a new or about to be released book. It's where we go inside and between the sheets, so to say.

Today we go Under the Cover of Shantel Tessier's Undescribable. First the cover:

And now, we go Under the Cover:

“Hi, Slade. My name is Samantha Hall. I’m so sorry to be calling you this late… early. Your brother, Micah, said you could help me.”


I don’t reply but, I don’t hang up. I wait for her to continue. I hear her take a deep breath.

“I’m looking for my boyfriend, Jackson Reynolds. He sent me a text earlier saying he was heading to your party after the bar, but I’ve tried calling him several times with no answer. It’s been hours since I last heard from him and I’m worried that maybe he left to come home and something has happened to him.”

She spoke quickly, like she was nervous. To be honest, once I heard the word “boyfriend” I stopped listening. I don’t want to get involved in that shit.

But… I do feel sorry for her.

I was an ass to assume she was calling to hook up in the first place. I mean really, who calls at 4 a.m. for a fuck? Well, I know a few girls who do, but Samantha sounds very worried about this Jake guy. The least I could do is help her. She knows Micah and he obviously thinks enough of her to give her my number. After little thought, and because I’m bored with this girl in my bed, I decide to help her. 

Although, I don’t know how much help I will be. I don’t remember a Jake.
“Slade, come back to bed. I want you,” whines Jessica. She attempts to get my attention as she rolls around under my sheets.

“Oh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean… I didn’t think….well, I’m sorry for bothering you. Thank you anyway.”

“No you’re fine.” I lift up a finger to Jessica. “Give me a minute,” I say, annoyed that she would interrupt my phone call. She makes a not so lady-like noise and pulls the covers over her head.

“No, I shouldn’t have called this late and bothered you.”

“No, no. Really, it’s ok.” I have no idea why, but I do not want to hang up. I am suddenly much more interested in the girl on the other end of my phone than the one naked in my bed.

“Are you sure? I can just try his phone again.”

“Samantha, I promise its fine. No worries, but I don’t recall a Jake.” I think back to the packed bar that I was at for only a couple of hours. I remember a lot of girls and alcohol. That’s about it.


“Jackson,” she corrects me.
“I don’t recall a Jackson, either.” What is that noise? Snoring! I pull the phone away from my ear to use my screen as a light. Sure enough, Jessica is already passed out under the covers. Just fucking great. I catch sight of my t-shirt on the end of the bed and start to put it on as Samantha speaks.

“He sometimes goes by Jax.” She sounds hopeful, which makes my stomach clench.

I was introduced to a very drunk guy named Jax. I remember him because the girl wrapped underneath his arm was the one and only Bridgette Winters. A girl who gets around just as much as I do. Did they come back to my house?

“Yes, I remember hearing that name. Let me go check to see if he is still here.” I give Jessica one last look. I’ll wake her ass up when I get back and we can pick up where we left off. I pull on my jeans and quietly leave the room, shutting the door behind me. 

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